Friday, 19 September 2014

TinyKeep Teaser Trailer

Hi everyone! Sorry for not being as active on the blogs as I normally am, but we've all been mega hard at work crunching for the imminent release - and for this little video:

Please like and share so we get the maximum amount of exposure possible! Depending on how sales go, we would really love to be able to fund improvements to the game after launch.
The trailer has also been making the rounds on Twitter, so if you can please retweet this to your followers, every little helps!

TinyKeep Release

I'll be brief as I still have a lot of marketing to do in the next few days, but we're going to be releasing TinyKeep on Steam (Windows version first, with other platforms soon to follow) sometime at the end of September. We're thinking 29th or 30th.
I'll be back with more specific details on the release, but for now, enjoy the trailer and look forward to the playing it very soon!

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