Thursday, 29 May 2014

Let's Play TinyKeep by Noaksey

Dean Noakes (Noaksey), is an awesome guy I met on my Rezzed and Insomnia travels. Yesterday he posted his Let's Play of an early build of TinyKeep. He's done a few pretty entertaining runs here (which reminds me I need to make the spike traps break after a couple of activations, as I keep seeing people abuse them :P)

Noaksey has a fantastic collection of Let's Plays and other entertaining gameplay videos, and already he is starting to get a pretty respectable following on Twitter. Recently he has been trying to hit his first 100 subs all week, so if you like his content please Like the video above and subscribe! It would mean an awful lot to him if we were all able to help him make his target :)
Today I will be meeting up with our resident audio guy Jey to discuss the final details of our sound production. I'm pretty excited about this as I've been putting together the final plans for our level design and it's going to be awesome bringing this all to life with a proper soundscape.
Three months to go now until Beta testing.
Wish me luck!

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