Wednesday, 16 April 2014

TinyKeep is ON FIRE! (literally)

Thank you everybody for giving us extremely valuable feedback on Alpha One so far - hopefully every tweak and fix that we do based on your comments will help bring the game that much closer to dungeon escaping perfection!
Aside from those, I've also been working on a new game mechanic that will help dispatch multiple enemies at once...

With this basic system in place, we're starting to think about letting the player set fire to crates, barrels, bombs, fire swords, fire breathing (?) - you didn't think there was only one way to kill the horde did you? We're not THAT cruel.


Last weekend we exhibited TinyKeep at Update, a new event showcasing the very best games from the North West area. I'd like to give thanks to Andrew Bennison (our host) and his team at Prospect Games for putting on an amazing event. So many great talks and games to play, so very much looking forward to the next one!

Jey (TinyKeep's sound guy) posing in front of our game next to Team 17's Flockers!
Jey (TinyKeep's sound guy) posing in front of our game next to Team 17's Flockers!

A random person giving a good go of our dungeons
A random person giving a good go of our dungeons
 Find out more about Update by listening to the team's weekly podcast:


This absolutely knackering month ends with one more show/event: Insomnia Gaming Festival, apparently the largest competitive (eSports) gaming event in the UK. Head to the Ricoh Arena, Coventry, UK on the 18th to 21st April to find out more.

I spoke to one of the guys from Multiplay (the people who organize the event) and there's going to be another expected 20,000 people attending. So apart from the above fire stuff - apologies for not showing that many new features in the past month, I've literally just been spending most of my time prepping for these big shows! Next month, I'll be back on track and you can all look forward to Alpha Two...

Monday, 7 April 2014

Back from Rezzed!

It's been about a week since I've come back from the EGX Rezzed Expo and I still feel like I'm recovering from both the excitement and the ordeal of it all! Today I've finally had a chance to sit down and write a proper long overdue update on how it all went.

TinyKeep at Rezzed!

Rezzed was absolutely amazing - it was the first time I've ever been to a gaming event as a consumer let alone exhibiting our own games. As you can imagine I was extremely nervous but the demo had a great reception and it turned out that TinyKeep was especially good for spectators - people seemed to love watching the game being played. I think it was something to do with the camera angles, the many ways to die, and the excitement and tension of the waves of skeleton hordes.
Myself, Ben and Jey attended the entire weekend - and Will our composer made a special appearance on the Saturday.

I ran a simple competition over the 3 days of the event: the first person to complete the demo unscathed was awarded with free drinks for the entire weekend and a chance to meet other game developers at the after parties, and the 5 runners up would get official TinyKeep mugs. As you can imagine, the competition attracted a lot of press and attention - after all who doesn't like free stuff? To make it especially challenging, we took a prototype of the first level and ramped up the difficulty to insane. Out of the 210 attempts to beat the level, only 16 managed to walk free.

Connor "Sketch" Doran (pictured left) was the first to win after his tenth attempt...

Another notable winner, games critic Mike Smith managed to complete the demo twice in just two attempts, he did not die a single time!

I've posted some videos on our YouTube channel showing some of the latest gameplay footage and the reactions of some of the people who played the game at the expo.

Skeleton invasion:

Alex Rose, Ludum Dare Innovation Winner and developer of Super Rude Bear Resurrection tries TinyKeep for the first time:

 Alex Johansson, developer of the indie title Narcissus struggles with some seriously bad luck:

 Connor Doran gives us his thoughts about the game and the AI:

 A few other highlights:

 Here's a great article by the guys at TPReview on their first impressions of the game at the event: