Friday, 14 June 2013

TinyKeep Site and Community Overhaul

Finally, our new website and community forum is up! From the day our Kickstarter got funded, we felt that the site needed a good overhaul to replace the old fundraising blog. With this comes a shiny new forum - where our most loyal fans are already posting ideas and discussing suggestions for the game... So, if you're interested in TinyKeep, join up, introduce yourselves and get involved!

We've also set up a new pre-order page, so if you were late to the Kickstarter party you can still pledge to receive the Beta and Soundtrack bundle. Of course, you can still donate to us via the PayPal button on the campaign page if you wish to take advantage of the original reward tiers.

Join the forum and participate in our feeding frenzy of ideas!

So, what's next?

We're still waiting for Kickstarter to post our funds to us! In the meantime, I've handed in my notice and am now patiently waiting to be released from the clutches of full time employment. Ben is still hard at work quietly finalising the core mechanics of the game, and Jim is playing with his mini Casio keyboard he got for Christmas (ok, I lied about that - I think he plans on composing the soundtrack on his lovely plastic xylophone!). Oh - and we've nearly finished concepting our hero model. Incidentally, how the hell did our game get funded with no player character in sight?! Maybe for this game, it's all about the monsters :)

The pace has changed a lot since those hectic Kickstarter days, and it's taken some getting used to! I just want to get started right away but I think it is important to remind myself to be patient and take the proper steps to lay the foundation for such an ambitious project. The game I want will come in time...

For those backers who are still waiting for their surveys - please remember that we will not be posting these until the rewards are ready to send, Kickstarter recommends against asking for addresses too early as people do move. For those with non-physical rewards - we're working on it!

This is it from me today - have fun on the forum and see you there!

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