Saturday, 26 July 2014

Screenshot Saturday + Video, Music and Everything Else!

I'm going to try a little experiment. Today's update will be on IndieDB. Let's see if this link through will give us a little bit more exposure on that site.
Thanks for reading! Until next week...

Saturday, 12 July 2014

TinyKeep Hell and Fire

Bang on schedule, this week I've been working on a completely new environment. Was getting a little bored of all the rectangular dungeon layouts so this has been a welcome change. Otherworldly demons lurk here in this strange dimension, but how does one gain access? I will leave you guys to figure this out once the level is ready...

Enter at your own risk
Enter at your own risk

Yay, no rectangles
Yay, no rectangles
The floor is lava
The floor is lava
No, this is not a savepoint
No, this is not a savepoint
Probably not a tasty stew
Probably not a tasty stew
You can also find higher res versions of the above screenshots on our Tumblr page:

Let's Play TinyKeep Alpha Two

Noaksey, long time fan of TinyKeep and event mug winner showing us all how it's done. Both levels completed, no sweat!

One of our backers/pre-orderers gets his grubby hands on TinyKeep and decided to make us this video. Thank you EdgyNinja, and hopefully see you again at EGX this year.

The lovely guys from the indie title TerraTech (did I mention also on Kickstarter, go back it RIGHT NOW!) stream themselves playing other games every Friday afternoon, and TinyKeep was their first one. I even managed to sit in with this, so if you would like to see my ugly mug being interviewed again go watch this video!

What's Next

This weekend I'll be putting together "Maggie's Lair" and then for the rest of the month it's back to the AI for the remaining plethora of monsters. We'll catch up again soon!

Saturday, 5 July 2014

TinyKeep Overgrown Screenshot Saturday

So I keep saying repeatedly that I'm going to work on the Overgrown/Ruined/Jungle environment but instead find myself fixing other things instead, well this week I actually managed to get something quite nice up and running. This area of the dungeon has long been abandoned by humans thousands of years ago. What remains is inhabited by other races of a tribal nature… Expect lots of Arrow Traps, Ancient Artefacts and Secrets!
Here's a few work in progress screenshots featuring our new "Mayan" style tileset from Matthias. You can view more high res versions here if you prefer:

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Screenshot Saturday

Or more accurately: Moving Screenshot Saturday
Currently prototyping one of the first minor bosses of the game, Richard of Cobb "The Unburnable" with his many flaming arrows.

Sure, arrows exploding into flames might be a bit overkill, but this is the exaggerated world of TinyKeep after all.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

TinyKeep preparation for Radius Festival 2014

So I was supposed to have got the overgrown/jungle/ruined area mapped out this week but instead I found myself finishing up a few other bits and pieces for the prison area instead. Radius Festival contacted me about exhibiting TinyKeep next week, so I decided to get this area done and dusted for the event. This also means I'll be able to release the next alpha version hopefully end of this week - because event deadlines make me work faster :P

Radius Festival

Radius Festival is a free game exhibition event lasting 3 days in London. It was co-founded by Keith Stuart, games editor of the Guardian and sponsored by Mike Bithell games. The event showcases some of the best indie titles the UK has to offer.

TinyKeep will be exhibiting on Thursday 19th June at White Space Venue, London. Come say hi!
Here's some screenshots of last week's progress:

I'll leave you to figure what's going on with some of these - don't want to spoil the details.
Alpha Two download next week, and maybe I will finally get started on the overgrown!

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Don't Screw Around With Ancient Artifacts

EDIT: More juicy gifs on our tumblr here:

So I made this in the coffee shop today...

Next week: Jungles, ruins and... dancing Orcs. Yep, you heard me!

Monday, 2 June 2014

TinyKeep live streamed by IndieDB & Desura!

IndieDB has handpicked 4 games to stream tonight on their regular Monday Night Indie sessions and TinyKeep is going to be one of them! Pop by on Twitch at 8pm PST (4am GMT) to see the game being played live by IndieDB/Desura staff. I'll be joining to answer any questions live as well!